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Anna was the first and only childminder we saw. We were so nervous about the transition of going back to work but as soon as we met Anna, saw the way she was with our son, Austin, and got to know her, we knew she was perfect. We feel so lucky to have found her. Austin adores her and gets so excited to spend days there. She is a picture of enthusiasm, energy, positivity, total calm, and love. We both couldn't be happier that Austin has the chance to spend time with her.

She always makes sure that they do interesting and new things each day, goes out and about all the time on buses and trains, and always comes up with creative activities at home. She is also amazing at advising on development, new steps and phases, and has just started Austin off on potty training!

Anna has become a great friend and we trust her completely with every aspect of Austin's care.

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  Rachel & Henry, parents to Austin 18 months  
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When it came to finding a childminder for my one year old, Bailey, my deciding question was always 'Would I want to spend my time in this environment with this person?' When I met Anna at Banana Bunch Childcare my answer was a resounding YES!

From drop off to pick up Bailey was nurtured, developed, challenged and cared for. Anna has created a safe, varied and fun environment at Banana Bunch. Bay loved and learned so much playing with the other children, all the toys and crafts and going on adventurous outings. Anna helped Bay develop his confidence, language, communication, numeracy, manners and social interactions in her wonderfully calm and engaging way. He's made some fantastic friends through Banana Bunch, and so have I!

Bay and I wholeheartedly recommend Anna and Banana Bunch Childcare. I could not have wished for a better start for him.

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  Hannah, Mummy to Bailey 2  
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Anna has been a wonderful nanny for our son, Oliver (27 months). She has a wonderful rapport with him. She is able to perceive his emotions and respond accordingly. She always thinks of fun and stimulating things to do. I feel that when she is with Ollie she gives him 100% attention. She genuinely loves spending time with the children she cares for, and she has a calm and relaxed manner which translates to the children's mood.

I feel that I have learned a lot from Anna, which is a great thing. As a busy mum you can sometimes forget to just enjoy your children's company, but the way she interacts with Ollie reminds me how much he benefits from such focussed and caring attention. She has also been great at suggesting things that will benefit Ollie's development - not just in a general way, but from noting particular aspects of his personality and responding to them.

I highly recommend Anna as a nanny.

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  Celia, Mummy to Ollie 3 & Hannah 1  
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Anna has been nanny to our two boys for 2 years, since they were 2 and 4. She very quickly built up a very strong bond with them, in fact they loved her straight away and felt safe and happy with her. This was not only wonderful for me, but I was surprised as my eldest is very cautious with new people.

Anna became part of the family and I see her as a friend too. It is very natural to have her in the house with us. Anna has a lot of childcare and nannying experience and that is very apparent. She proactively thinks about development needs, which I particularly noticed with my youngest, who was only 2 when Anna joined us and was spending more time with her. I had reduced down his nursery hours and really felt that Anna was giving him good one-to-one time.

Anna is also excellent at behaviour management. She is extremely patient but also gives very good direction. The children listen to her. She also proactively thinks about new methods of behaviour management, varying reward charts etc. and she will arrange to sit down and discuss these, and other issues or plans with us.

Anna is good fun and the children really enjoy her company, but whilst doing this she is always trying to engage them in a way that also develops their learning, asking lots of questions and talking about interesting things. Anna has also ensured that she knows the parents of the boys' friends and regularly arranges play dates and has friends for tea.

Both my husband and I work in London 5 days a week but I feel happy and confident that the boys are being looked after well. Anna is responsible from when they first wake up until bed time. We are all going to miss Anna and are very much hoping to stay in touch. She is an excellent childcare professional and a lovely person.

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  Catherine, Mummy to Frankie 5 & Henry 3