Policy Statement

It is my policy to keep children safe on outings whilst in my care.


I will stick to strict Ofsted guidelines on the ratio of adults to children, so that on any outing there will never be less than one to three (under 5's) or six (under 8's)

I will carry out a risk assessment of the proposed outing

I will obtain written parental permission for children to take part in regular, local outings whilst in my care and specific permission for a longer outing

I take essential records and equipment for each child on outings as necessary, including contact telephone numbers for parents, a first-aid kit, mobile telephone, weather appropriate clothing and footwear, sun hats, sun cream, changing bag (if required), spare clothes, water, healthy snacks, clear directions to our destination, details of public transport options and money

I will endeavour to organise outings to fit in with the needs of the children and ensure that I have the necessary equipment and resources to keep them safe