Policy Statement

The health and safety of your child is of the utmost importance to me and I will follow the procedures in this policy to ensure all children in my care are kept safe and healthy.

The key components of a healthy and safe environment in a childcare setting are:

Environment - the surroundings, setting or situation in which the children are cared for

Supervision - Control, management or command of a situation or other individuals

Equipment - includes all toys, utensils, furniture, fittings and materials that may be used by children or others in the setting


I will follow these guidelines:

I will carry out a visual risk assessment of my home every morning before the children arrive to ensure that everything is safe; taking particular care to remove any loose cords/wires and slip/trip dangers and ensure child locks on the windows and cupboards are in place

I hold a current First Aid certificate

I will make sure that all areas of the setting are well lit and accessible if required

I use safety equipment appropriate for the children in my care, i.e.stair gates, cupboard locks, corner covers etc. These are checked regularly and replaced if necessary

All sharp and dangerous objects and medicines are kept out of reach of children

I have a Fire Safety policy in place

The front door will be kept locked and handles out of reach of children

I ensure that children do not have access to any waste, the bins are emptied daily and any used nappies are double wrapped and placed in the outdoor rubbish bin

Children are taught how to wash their hands thoroughly

I have strict child protection guidelines in place. Children must stay with me when we are away from the home. Younger children will be strapped into a pushchair; older children will either be on a harness or wrist strap, or holding onto my hand/pushchair. All outings are risk assessed and I seek permission from parents for regular excursions and specific permission for occasional ones

I will risk assess any outing prior to taking the children

I have emergency contact details with me at all times should I need to contact parents

I will teach the children about safety issues like crossing the road and stranger danger

I will work with you to teach the children about making healthy food choices and physical exercise

I encourage indoor and outdoor play throughout the day

Sleeping children will be regularly monitored

I will ensure that all children are supervised at all times. There are three types of supervision, and I will use the appropriate one according to the child's abilities and needs and the situation

Constant - watching the child all of the time, for example with a small child whilst using scissors

Close - watching the child most of the time, but not necessarily involved. However, ready to step in at any time, for example when a child is climbing a tree or in the paddling pool

General - aware of what the child is doing and checking up on them regularly, for example when a child is sleeping or playing with others on the carpet

All toys and equipment have a recognised safety symbol on them, such as the Kitemark or the Lion Mark

All toys will be checked and cleaned regularly to ensure they are safe and germ-free

Any broken or hazardous toys will be removed immediately. Children will only be offered toys and resources that are suitable for their age/stage of development

All equipment will be checked and cleaned regularly. Highchairs and pushchairs are fitted with the correct safety harnesses to prevent accidents

If I require further information on any health and safety aspect, I will refer to the current up-to-date guidance of one of the following bodies:

Health & Safety Executive (HSE)

Food Standards Agency