Policy Statement

It is an extremely important aspect of my business to ensure that my food hygiene standards are impeccable. It is all too easy to develop an upset stomach through poor hygiene habits.


I will follow these guidelines:

Keep the fridge at no higher than 5 degrees centigrade and the freezer at -18 degrees centigrade

Make sure that the fridge is not over packed and that air can circulate around

Never store raw meat or fish next to other food. Make sure it is well wrapped or in a leak-proof container and stored at the bottom of the fridge

Completely thaw out frozen food before using it

Never refreeze thawed out food

Always cover food that is left out

Label items that have been started, so that you can follow 'eat by' instructions for open food

Always follow use by and best before instructions

Never keep food in the cans once opened - transfer to an airtight container

Store cans and packets in a cool, dry place

Wash fruit and vegetables before eating

Use different chopping boards for red meat, poultry, fish and vegetables

Always wash chopping boards, cooking equipment and utensils thoroughly after use

Always wash hands after preparing different types of foods i.e. raw/cooked meats or fish

Follow food package and manufacturer's instructions on how to thaw out food

Also follow label instructions on heating and cooking food. Harmful bacteria are not destroyed until the food has been cooked to a temperature of 71 degrees centigrade