Policy Statement

This policy is in place to follow in the event of a fire, flood, gas leak, terrorist attack or national emergency etc.

The childcare setting is equipped with a smoke alarm at the top of the stairs on the landing and has had a full fire assessment review undertaken by myself.

The children will regularly practice the emergency evacuation procedure in my setting with me so they will not be alarmed in the event of a situation being real. Practices will be carried out on different days of the week to ensure all children practice and the details recorded in the evacuation log.

The route to the front door exit is kept clear at all times.


In the event of an emergency I will raise the alarm and will gather the children together and evacuate the building via the front door if possible.

In the event of the fire blocking the front door exit, we will exit via the lounge room windows.

We will assemble at the front of the house on the pavement, away from the front door. Or if this is not safe we will move to the corner of Queens Park Road.

I will then notify the fire brigade, parents and may call my emergency back up to help. If I cannot reach you I will notify your emergency back-up contact. You will be asked to collect your children immediately.

If we are away from the setting and involved or caught up in an incident / emergency, I will comply fully with the instructions from the emergency services and constantly reassure the children in my care.

I understand that during major incidents / emergencies the mobile phone networks are often not available and even landlines can be cancelled to free up communication systems for the emergency services. I will, however, attempt to contact you on a regular basis and ask that you try to do the same.

I will keep up to date on the situation using any media source available to me, radio, television, Internet etc. I will endeavour to protect your child from information or images that may alarm or distress them. If you wish we can have a pre-planned excuse that I can use to explain your delay in arriving.

If you are caught up in an incident / emergency I will continue to look after your child until you are able to return or a person nominated is able to collect them. This can include overnight care if necessary.