Policy Statement

I want children to feel safe, secure and happy whilst in my care. I encourage positive behaviours and set fair and consistent boundaries so that they know what is expected of them whilst here. I have a few house rules to help the children understand and I teach them that bad behaviour is unacceptable.

I like to work closely with parents before the placement starts to agree the methods of rewarding good behaviour and managing any bad behaviour, according to their values and practices. Parents are asked to keep me informed of any circumstances that may affect their child's behaviour, such as bereavement, separation or the arrival of a new baby.

I would like to keep the methods for rewarding and managing equal for each child, but each method will be reviewed regularly and individually, and if required changed accordingly for a child that may not be responding well to any one method. If this is necessary, I will discuss with the parents beforehand.


The following 'House Rules' will be discussed with all parents to ensure continuity between my childcare setting and each of their homes and to invite their input. I will have regular discussions about how the rules are working and will amend accordingly as children become older and/or develop mentally and physically.

Banana Bunch House Rules are on display in the play area so that children and parents can be reminded of them. They will also be discussed and reviewed on a regular basis.

I will never administer physical punishment or any form of hurtful or humiliating treatment to any child in my care. Physical restraint is not used unless it is absolutely necessary to prevent damage to themselves, other people or property. Parents will be informed should this happen.

My house rules are:

  • We will be kind to each other at all times
  • We will share books and toys and take care of them
  • Food is to be eaten at the table and drinks kept there to avoid spillages
  • We will take care of all of Anna's things as well as our own and our friends'
  • We understand that everyone is different and we always include everyone in all games and activities
  • Good manners should be used and we will always speak nicely to each other
  • We will be careful when walking to and from activities outside of the house and hold hands at all times
  • We will wash our hands after any messy play or outdoor activities and before meals & snacks
  • We must not hurt our friends either physically or verbally ever

I use the following methods to manage behaviour:

Always rewarding good behaviour verbally and where necessary visually and/or with a physical reward (e.g. sticker, special snack treat)

Setting a good example by always following the above house rules myself

Encouraging responsibility by talking to the children about choices and the possible consequences

Encourage children to apologise if they have upset another child or myself

If a child is misbehaving, I will always make myself clear, giving an explanation of which behaviour was unacceptable and why

If a child is particularly disruptive, I will remove them from the situation for some quiet time with me or to engage in another activity

I will maintain the child's self-esteem by showing them that I disapprove of their bad behaviour and not the child themselves

My expectations of the children are fairly flexible as I have to be able to adjust them according to the stage of development reached by each individual child.