At home the children have a lot of choice with toys, games, books and musical equipment to help themselves to. They will also have lots of individual & group learning activities to get involved with.

To encourage imaginative play we use dressing up clothes and different materials and foods from around the world. There are discovery baskets for the little ones, with everyday natural objects and materials to help develop sensory exploration.

I offer opportunities to develop practical life skills such as preparing, cooking, baking and serving snacks and meals, watering plants & herbs, washing up, sweeping the floor and recycling.

We read lots of stories and often use props and music to bring stories to life. We sing and dance to nursery rhymes and my old records. The kids have their own record player too, so they can choose their favourites!

We also enjoy messy play, which includes painting, sticking, colouring, cutting, moulding and any new ideas (suggestions welcome). I encourage children to understand the importance of recycling and we use recycled materials to model fun pieces of art to take home.

Working together is encouraged (for example - helping one another to take coats and shoes off), as is respect and understanding (and celebrating) our similarities and differences.

We will go out at least once a day, come rain or shine! We'll venture to Queens Park on a nature trail, walk down the hill to the beach to collect shells & pebbles, pick out some new books at the library, catch a train or a bus to somewhere new or just go for a 'wander'. We'll visit local music, messy play and childminding groups and pick out our favourites for regular meet ups with friends. We may even go on a very special trip to a farm or a theme park, with your prior consent.

We will sing, dance, pull funny faces, talk about life, ask questions, tell stories, learn from each other and become the best of friends!

Your only wish will be that you could ditch work and come and join us :)

One Small Request...

Please could you bring your child along equipped with a supply of your favourite nappies & wipes, suitable clothing for the weather i.e. wellies, hats, scarves and a change of clothes.