Policy Statement

I will endeavor to keep all children in my care safe and secure at all times.

My premises have been checked by Ofsted and meet the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage in England. I also regularly review, update and practice fire evacuation procedures with the children. I record dates and times of fire drills.

I am a qualified Paediatric First Aider and renew this certification every three years. I can administer basic first aid treatment. Please see my first aid certificate in my Parents Folder.

A first aid box is clearly labelled and can be found in the cupboard next to the fridge in the kitchen.

I require written permission from parents to give or seek emergency treatment for your child if needed.


If your child has a minor cough or cold, I am happy for them to still attend my childcare setting. However, I cannot accept a child with any highly contagious or notifiable illnesses.

If your child is showing signs of distress and I am unable to settle them or they have a temperature of over 38 degrees which is not due to teething, I will call you to come and collect your child.

Any child with sickness or diarrhea must be clear from symptoms for 48 hours before returning to the setting. For serious diseases I will refer to guidance from HPA on exclusion periods.

I reserve the right not to accept an unwell child who may adversely affect the care I am able to offer the other children in my childcare setting.

If a child becomes ill during my care, I can administer any medicine which has been previously supplied by the parents of that child. I require written permission to do this.

If a child should have an accident or become ill whilst in my care, I will:

Take care to calm the child, whilst making sure all other children in my care are both safe and in a secure place.

I will use my first aid training if the injury requires basic first aid, or call 999 if the accident is more serious.

If I have to take or accompany the child to hospital, I will either take the other children with me or contact my emergency back-up to take care of the other children.

My emergency back-up will either contact parents/guardians to collect their children or will look after them until I return, with your permission.

I will call the parents of the child involved immediately, inform them of the situation and ask them to meet me at the hospital. If they are not available, I will call their emergency back-up contact.

I will ensure that all children in my care remain calm and safe at all times.

It is important that you keep me informed regarding your child's condition following an accident and if you have sought additional medical advice or care.

Accidents off site:

I will carry emergency contact numbers for all parents/guardians of the children in my care at all times whilst away from my premises.

If I should have an accident whilst caring for children:

I will make sure that all the children are safe, secure and remain calm.

I will call my emergency back-up to help whilst I treat myself or go to hospital.

If I do need to go to hospital my emergency back-up will either contact parents /guardians to collect their children or will look after them until I return, with your permission.

In the event that I should fall too ill to care for the children:

I would call upon my emergency back-up to assist with childcare and contact all parents with as much notice as possible.


All accidents, incidents and illnesses will be recorded on the Baby's Days system, and will be made available for parents to read and sign to confirm that the procedure was followed.

If the incident is significant or the illness a notifiable disease, I will inform the appropriate agencies as soon as is I can, but in any event within 14 days. These agencies may include Ofsted, HPA, the local child protection agency, the Health and Safety Executive and my insurance company.